8Kx1K Pixel to Pixel Main / Backup Signal Switching


Use any of the above extended input board, you can easily achieve 8Kx1K pixel to pixelmain / backup signal switching.


As there are more and more 4K, 8K, or even higher definition LED applications, splicing is now a MUST. In order to meet this MUST, Magnimagehas introduced HDMI 1.4 and DP1.1 extended board for the 780H video processor.


一、      HDMI 1.4extended input board (Figure 1)


二、      DP1.1 extended input board(Figure 2)


The connection diagram:

1: After adding the 4Kextended  input board, 780H will has 2 DP input. This will achieve 8Kx1K pixel to pixel display.

2: Using 780H’s switcher mode (dual screen), you can switch from 4K previewto 4K program.

3: 780H’s software allows controlling and switching to multiple processors in the same LAN network.