Magnimage At InfoComm China 2017


          InfoComm China 2017 was held at the Beijing National Convention Center on 12-14th Apr,2017. It is one of the largest and most influential feast for professional audiovisual and information industry. As the leading industry of domestic video equipment experts, MAGNIMAGE video equipment was posed at EK3-01 to show a variety of advanced video image technology and solutions for customers. 



          LED-780H attracted eyes of many visitors. This video processor was highly recognized for its various functions including four screens splicing, four outputs, output monitoring function , multi-machine cascade, and customized output resolution. 



          Another key focus is the multi-window seamless splicing system for small pitch LED screen. The program used the Cyclone video controller (MIG-CL9000) to display multi-screen partition and real-time monitoring input signal. Using MIG-CL9000, you can realize multi-screen arbitrary size seamless splicing and real-time monitoring switching. In the operation process, the controller showed smooth and stable switching without any delay. It accepts various input sources, including 4k x 2k input. Also, it allows EDID management, customized input resolution and so on. It is equipped with after-sales module to support machine upgrading, network control and after-sales maintenance. 



          Magnimage also showed multi-machine cascade system of MIG-V4. V4 video switcher is composed of the V4 host and H1 console, which can achieve large size LED screen and projector splicing, multi-screen switching, multi-scene switching, backup functions, ect. A single H1 console can control 9 units of V4 hosts at maximum. V4 host can be used alone or cascade. It is widely used in auto show, conference activities, product presentation, stage performances, television studios and so on. 



          InfoComm China 2017 had a perfect ending in the efforts of all staff. In this exhibition, Magnimage showed its own style and strength to reached a variety of cooperation intention with many clients. We will keep improving our products and service to meet the needs of our customers.